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Visa Prepration

Visa Preparation entails preparation for visa interview and/or documents required to submit with visa application. No matter how good your academics are if you do not prepare well for visa application submission and interview- if required, your entire effort may result in denial. So you need to consult the experts for visa filling and hacks of visa interview. Although you have all the documents and meet all the criteria, visa applications often get refused if you fail to convince the visa officer to the idea that your GENUINE student.
The first essential step toward a successful visa is preparation. WELL-PREPARATION is 50% visa success!!

General Preparation

  • Gather some information or general knowledge about visa system?
  • List out some commonly asked questions and make your mind up for the appropriate answers.
  • Try to be stress-free
  • Reach the consulate a little early.

Document Preparation

  • Fill all the forms/applications neatly and completely.
  • Always give truthful answers and details in the forms.
  • INSTEAD of submitting falsified documents, always give valid and justifiable reason why you do not have a particular document
  • Check and recheck the details like: names, date of birth, etc, to ensure if they match with the information in your passport.
  • Organize your documents in proper logical order. A well organized and orderly set of documents shall help you to be stress free. And boost your confidence.

Physical Preparation

Image is often as important as content. What you look like and how you say something are just as important as what you say. So dress up nicely and smile.

Attitude Preparation

Provide to-the-point, clear, and concise answers. Do not provide any information that is not relevant or is not asked. (In many cases, this is where people make a mistake by giving unnecessary details that were not asked for).

  • Do not try to make arguments with interviewer.
  • Do not ask unnecessary questions. Ask politely and courteously to repeat if you do not understand what they say.
  • Your tonality should be POSITIVE. So try to sound positive in your tone.