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Studying in the USA- the land of Dream & Opportunities

Us education system is respected as one of the finest education systems in the world. Most of the renowned universities with world top ranking are in the USA. This is why every year many students from across the globe make US as their top study destination due to the practical relevance of the US degrees. Since US graduates are most sought after manpower for the potential employers, many students from Nepal have been showing their keen interest to enhance their career through US degree.

There are several factors that contribute to the overwhelming attraction towards US study. The student can have the opportunity experience the Academic Excellence in Variety of Educational fields with Cutting-Edge Technology. The Most of the universities have highly advanced and sophisticated research opportunities which help to develop long term career prospect. The wonderful campus- life experience that one can having during study in US will have rewarding experience throughout the later stage of their lives.

US Education System

Even though there is no national education system in America, State Education Departments set the guide-lines and policies to have their own education system. For this reason the education system varies from one state to another in the USA.

US Study support at Greenwich

Greenwich has excellent tie-up with a number of colleges and universities representing various states of US. Thus students can have an array of choice to pick out the suitable institution as per their requirement and financial ability.

Out seasoned counsellors meticulously judge your academic and financial ability to fit the right institution. Even if you are at your wits end as to which course to study our counselors who are up to date with the scope of the different subject and courses will advise you the appropriate option of study based on your academic background.

We have a stepwise procedure of counselling: your registration at Greenwich, recommendation of possible universities /colleges, guidance on application preparation for I-20 offer, advice on Visa documentation, Interview preparation, pre-departure briefing, air-ticking and airport pick up and post admission support as and when needed.

Our expert guidance for you to get Scholarships and other financial aid will be instrumental in bringing the best institution within your reach