Announcement Welcome to Greenwich International Education/ We provide excellent guideline to the students by our counselors who have more than 11 years experience in the field.

Study in Australia

Studying in Australia will be highly fruitful academic experience in your life. With its fully developed, growing economy with a safe, tolerant and multicultural society, Australia has been in the fore-front in attracting international students from around the world. Of late Australia has become one of the top study destinations for our Nepalese students. A relaxed, welcoming and engaging environment that Australian universities and colleges provide is one of the important factors which motivates Nepalese students to pursue their higher studies there. Australia's innovative and research-intensive culture backed by latest technologies is faster than in any other countries in the world.

Australian higher Education Institutions have 3 important knowledge-related roles to carry out:

  1. Storing knowledge
  2. Ttransferring knowledge to others.
  3. Creating Knowledge

On top of this, Australian Universities provide consultancy services to both business and industry, and are the main source of advice for Government and the community in general on a large number of issues and topics, they are closely involved with local and wider communities.

Greenwich support for Australia studies

Through our robust alliance and network with educational institutions and their regional offices in India, we provide fresh, updated and reliable counselling services in order to maximize your visa chances we provide complete counselling services for SVP and Non-SVP education providers that include TAFE and vocational institutions. Applications at institutions under streamlined visa Processing system makes the chances of application success even higher than the non SVP providers

Our expert guidance for interview preparation will make you at ease while facing the interview to be taken by Australian universities before they issue a place o f offer (COE). We advise you on whether you meet the genuine temporary Entrant (GTE) criteria or not as this is the decisive factor in obtaining visa.