Announcement Welcome to Greenwich International Education/ We provide excellent guideline to the students by our counselors who have more than 11 years experience in the field.

About Greenwich International Education

Greenwich International Education (GREENWICH) Pvt Ltd, an educational organization, came to an existence with an aim to provide quality and comprehensive educational support to aspiring students. Registered with Government of Nepal (Company Reg No: 84283/067/068), we have a smart and dedicated team of professional counselors who are equipped with rigorous training and experience of more than 10 years in the field. We consistently strive for guiding and advising the students to bring about a quantum leap in their career by assisting them to choose right academic courses and right study destinations. It runs different programmers that can be supportive to better the students’ educational and career opportunities.

Since its inception GREENWICH has been committed to developing quality human resource with high academic and moral standard by recommending them to top class Colleges and Universities abroad, so that they can become the leaders of tomorrow with wider vision for the speedy development of the country.

So far, we have advised, guided and counseled a great number of students for selection of courses and universities/colleges. And now they are doing well in their respective field such as Nursing, Engineering, Management, Medicine, Dental, Hotel Management etc. After the completion of their studies, the students then come back to Nepal for the welfare and development of the country. Similarly, we have successfully been working with more than 150 colleges/universities from across the globe!!

Mission & Vision Statement

Our mission is to guide students in the proper track of their career, helping them to reach the final destination in their interested field of studies. We envisage that our students will be globally competitive human resource in the future through our professional counseling and test preparation courses that are guided by sure-to-succeed approach.


  • To assist the students to have a positive perspective in life.
  • To assist the foreign educational institutions to reach out to the pool of quality and genuine students
  • To help students broaden their horizons in various aspects of life.
  • To inculcate the habit of expanding a global network of social contacts and knowledge.
  • To instill the social norms and ethical values in students.
  • To develop the attitude of respect to every individual irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

Our Recognitions

  • Government Of Nepal, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Office of company Registrar (Reg No:84283/067/068).
  • Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education, (Approval application registered: 070/72)
  • Member of Educational Consultancies’ Association Nepal (ECAN)
  • GREENWICH INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION is joining hands with the entire top ranked private as well as government Colleges and Universities in all over the world.